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Owner of Dudools

I believe that photography... connects families, whether its talking about family history or looking at memories that you have created in your own family. I live and breath this theory. Research shows that a house is made more homely with family images around and helps connect children to their parents. I make sure that I have my own family photographed each year. As a mum, I know how quickly my munchkins change and that photo's can take me back to "that time" those happy moments.

I love that through photography, photographers can capture each child's personality, what makes up them individual. Their quirks, personal interests and expressions that make them who they are, it can be captured in a single image or series. Each child is super unique and each day they make life for the people around them super special. I love children just the way they are and love to capture who they truly are!

I used to always be the one behind the camera... until one day, my son picked up a photo of me (which I thought was a terrible image where i was overweight, bad clothes, messy room etc. but I was laughing) and he looked at this image and said... "Mum you look beautiful here can I keep it?"  From that day I realised something, my son only see's me as his mum.... Also that he thinks I am beautiful.

He doesn't look at me as fat or that my nose is too long or anything that I see, he just see's his beautiful mum... that's what he wants a picture of. This is why, it's important to me to get photos of our family each year that represent each and every family member. (Nice one of me that I'm prepared for) Each person in our family has access to beautiful images of their Siblings, Children, Mum, Dad and even their Grandparents. I really want to make sure that my children don't miss out because of my own insecurities as i know that to my children, I am now and always will be, one of the most important people in their lives. As are you to your children or your parents.

I love photography! If you wanted me in high school I was in the dark room. I would take photos of anything in school I could get my hands on. School events, my baby sister, her pram lol anything really. In my photographic career I worked with a well know family photography company for 6 years and i have now had my own studio/business for 9 years. I have won awards for my photography in various competitions. But what i truly love the most and driving force is my belief. Connecting families and seeing their bonds. Hearing their stories and watching them grow. Being able to produce art for life. Some one once told me that, having a family portrait or newborn, baby photo on the wall, is like having a secret door which can take you back... to a special moment, any time you like. Could be remembering the smell and softness of new life and your babies touch, or just a fun celebration... Isn't that cool!

Aside from photography I love spending time with family and friends. A good coffee in the morning. A red wine every now and then. STRAWBERRY's and Green smoothies. Everything about Sound of Music. The "original" Wizard of Oz. Going to musicals "especially WICKED". Pop music, "loud in the car" and singing in the shower. Oooh and really trashy vampire shows and I love the MOOK song on ABC for kids.

Well, thats me in a nutshell. Would love to meet your family and find out all about you.