Why Dudools?

I absolutely LOVE photography and believe in the true value it holds. Studies have shown that children brought up in a home full of family portraits have a closer bond to each other.

My mission is to capture the different stages and amazing personalities of your family through really fun photography which will tell your story. The main goal is not only to capture great images that you will love but to make sure the experience is the most enjoyable it can be. Also to ensure that every family goes home with something that they will truly adore for a lifetime! 

~  What happens from start to finish. We will give you pre session information and consultation to get you ready for you photography session, which includes helping you coordinate outfits/ to location. You will have a really fun photo session and then a viewing and ordering session to follow within two weeks. You will be shown unique collections of art to make a statement with your home decor or custom designing albums, and wall collages. Lots of variety to choose from! 

~ Specialising in children’s and family photography in the industry for over ten years now, I have experience in working with all the little personality times that kiddies have so when you say, my child will not sit  then I consider that a fun challenge!

~ My approach to photography is timeless, creative and artistic and I have been told how very persistent and patient I am when it comes to your family portraiture.

Overall, I am really passionate about my work and everything I can do for you. I will ensure to do alI I can to make your experience unforgettable. Can’t wait to meet you and help tell your story with custom pieces of art for your home!